Pokemon Unbound v2.1.1.1 [Latest Version]

Pokemon Unbound Latest Version Download Free
NamePokemon Unbound
LanguageUSA [Engligh]
SystemGameboy Advance [GBA]
File Size19MB
Last UpdateAugust 21, 2023
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Pokemon Unbound is a famous GBA ROM game and you can download pre-patched Pokemon Unbound ROM for free. This ROM hack was made by Skeli789 and we provide the latest version on this page. It is based on USA English and comes packed with advanced gameplay. The story is the main highlighting thing and gamers really like its story and the overall gaming experience. If you have a Gameboy Advance console then you can easily play Pokemon Unbound and enjoy. But most of us want to play on a PC or Mobile device, right? So, you need the GBA emulator to run it. Using the emulator, you are able to play the ROM completely.

So, we recommend you download the emulator and then use this ROM in it. After downloading the GBA emulator, you need to import Pokemon Unbound ROM into it. Then you are able to play the game with its responsive controls and smooth gameplay. There are lots of new characters and Pokemon added to this ROM to enhance the experience.

On this page, you get the download link to download this ROM. It is for offline play on your PC on a big screen or your mobile device. But if you want to play online then you can also do easily. You only need to click on the Play Online button below the download button. Then the game starts loading on your device browser. It does not require any third-party applications and does not depend on different devices’ OS. You can play on any of your devices. So, if you are excited to download then let’s start.

What is Pokemon Unbound?

Pokemon Unbound is a GBA ROM made by Skeli789 and it is the hack of FireRed ROM. It offers new stories and features and people can use the hack version for free on a GBA emulator. The last update of this ROM was on August 21, 2023. It is the latest version and be sure to check the battle frontier.

Best Features of Pokemon Unbound ROM

There are several features packed with the Pokemon Unbound ROM and here we share all those features in detail.

  1. Advanced Powerful Battle Engine: Here you can get to use a custom powerful battle engine with the 8th generation. Also, there are more useful life features that come with this ROM.
  2. Catch Pokemon: You can enjoy catching all your favorite Pokemon in different generations from 1 to 8 on the Pokeball easily.
  3. Explore Features: Get unlimited bag space, autorun, DexNav, Daily Raids, Inverse Battle, and a lot more.
  4. Advanced Mission System: It gives more than 75 completely unique Missions and you need to complete them. All the mission progress can be tracked with the Mission Log as well.
  5. Unique Songs: You can enjoy listening to more than 50 different songs. Those songs are composed for Pokemon Unbound only.
  6. Enhance Graphic Quality: It has 4th generation graphics in the overworld and Gen 5 for the interface.
  7. Get HM System: You have access to your favorite HMs without any issue with carrying HM slaves. Pretty awesome system.
  8. Daily Events: There are a ton of daily events happening all over the Borrius, some of the events are only present at specific times of the day. We recommend you participate in the events to get prizes.
  9. New Modes: You can now sit back and relax because it offers a whole new AI system, ranging from Easy to Insane!
  10. Customization of Your Character: You can use more than 300 hundred customization options for skin color, outfit colors, hair color, and more. Customize the character according to your needs easily.
  11. A Rich Post-Game: You can spend hours of them playing the main campaign battle in Pokemon Unbound. Just complete all the Missions, mining in the KBT Expressway, catching the legend Pokemon, and doing much more during gameplay.
  12. Incredible Mini Games: There are lots of mini-games available that are pretty entertaining. You can play those games like Safari Sniper and Underground Mining for free.
  13. Solve Puzzles: Here you can find lots of amazing and challenging Puzzles available. You need to use your brain to solve them. Find out the ways to solve complex puzzles on this ROM.

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Play Pokemon Unbound ROM Online [Play Online]


The story is situated in a region called Borrious and it has a great history. Many many years ago, the Borrious were in on a brutal battle or a war with the Kalos region. Now, all the people of the Borrious come towards the dark force to win the battle. Even the King of Kalos released the powerful weapon, and the war ended. When the war was over, the dark force was sealed away and left. Now, after a long time, an organization called “The Shadows” released the dark force again. Now, you need to do something to save the Borrious region’s people from the ultimate problem.


Frequently Asked Question

How to download Pokemon Unbound ROM?

It is pretty easy to download the Pokemon Unbound because we provide the download link on this page. Just open a browser and visit this page. Then you need to click on the download button and the Rom starts downloading on your device. It doesn’t require any login or pay for download. It is completely free to all users.

Can I catch all generation Pokemon on Pokeball?

Yes, this Pokemon hack ROM comes with all 1 to 8-gen Pokemon and you can find your favorite as well. Also, it is easy to catch your favorite Pokemon on the Pokeball. Once you catch it, you are able to use it in a battle with any Gym Leader.

How long it takes to complete?

For a professional gamer, it takes approximately 20 Hours length but if you are a beginner gamer then you may need a lot more time to complete the game.

How to load or run Pokemon Unbound ROM on GBA?

You need to have the GBA emulator and all the different versions of emulators are available for different devices. It can be different for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

Can I play Pokemon Unbound Online?

The short answer is Yes, you can play this ROM game online. We provide the feature to play this online on the device browser. You only need to click on the play online button and then you are able to run the game.


Today we try to provide the download Pokemon Unbound for free with all features. Also, we discuss all the best features that you get in it. You can see all the screenshots and read all the features as well.

If you have any questions or doubts then comment down below. We answer to you very soon. Also, let me know what is your favorite Pokemon ROM. Lastly thanks for coming to our website.

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